Finally, able to get back into this site, only three years later! Ok, most of this site is out of date, have seen a few changes since my last edit.

You know how a mechanic's car is always poorly kept because when they get home the last thing they want to do is work on another car. It's the same I think for web designers. Anyway, here is a much newer Web Folio for you to check out.

Adam Fury Soul homepage - a band I used to play in. There's not much here, I was just putting up the 'new look' then it was all over! Perhaps one day it will get updated as a lasting tribute.

Travel - why I have to keep working

Outdoors - a celebration of the natural world

Work - what pays for all of the above

People - friends, family and so on

Gallery - artwork, multimedia ...

Last update: September 9, 2005

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