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Welcome to "Queer Street", a little cul-de-sac off of the Information Super-Highway (still here despite CompuServe’s censorship), containing information on Gay UK Community Groups, a small but expanding Article List, over 150 Queer Links, THT Safer Sex advice, several Health & Fashion Links, the regularly revised Web of the Week, and information on this site and its author in Site Office. Please fill in my Site Questionnaire!

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Rainbow Television Network
UKs First Gay TV Station - Launched Spring '98!

The Queer Street Site is no longer being updated as much as I'd like due to lack of time.
If anyone has an interest in taking over and developing it please mail me at...

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Article submissions for publication on this site are still welcome!
This site is accessed several hundred times a week.

Queer Street Welcomes Visitor No (since July 17th, 1996)

I hope you like what you find here, if so and if you're looking to have a web site set up or intend to set up a site yourself, check out my other site. It's hosted by Direct Connection here in the UK. Dircon is better (faster), cheaper and more free speech inclined service provider than poor old CompuServe. CompuServe do give me this space free with my account but they also censor what is published... banning the site once for the publication of safer sex information and then again 'cause I put an e-mail link for people to complain! Oh well.

The recently incorporated sound files (for those of you running Internet Explorer) may take a few seconds to download but I think they’re worth it, they are used sparingly (only on a couple of pages) and where relevant or at least entertaining. If they get on your nerves change your browsers options so that it doesn’t play sounds or click the STOP button on your toolbar as soon as the sound starts to play.

The page I’m particularly fond of is The End of an Earring so please check it out.

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