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Words are powerful. Words convey meaning and meaning is the substance of ideas. Ideas can be dangerous. Or perhaps it is rather the case that some people seem to find ideas dangerous. Personally I believe in the freedom to have and voice ideas. Campaigns to limit the expression of ideas are what I find dangerous. But then, I have discovered that I am a creature destined to push limits wherever I find them.

I believe in growth of the individual. I believe that cultural restrictions on individual growth need to be examined for their purpose and challenged if that purpose is found lacking. Human beings should to be free to evolve beyond what is classified as "normal." Normality is stagnation. A human beings has to grow in order to reach full potential. Such growth often stretches the limits defined on the culture by what is or is not normal.

I am not a normal human and I have not lived a normal life. What I believe is not what is normally believed by normal people. How I have lived my life is not acceptable to many adherents to the cult of normality. So my abnormality is considered by some to be dangerous. My ideas may be no less so.

For some reason the voice that surfaced from within me a few years ago has been found by some to be a voice of reason. If it were not so, I wouldn't share my thoughts as I do. I share them and my reality in the hope that something here will help someone cope with their own reality and on the off chance that something here just might lead to the world being a fundamentally better place to live.

Robyn Elaine Serven
July 1, 1999

Who am I?

I have two websites. This one is under reconstruction, since I see no need for duplication of offerings. While I resurrect this one, I invite you to visit the other Robyn's Perch

A Month in the Life: Being an account of the last month before my surgery.

My Wisconsin Adventure: Being an account of my trip to Neenah, WI, for surgery.

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