Hi I'm Myriam Pinon, from Paris.

Bonjour, je suis Myriam Pinon, de Paris
Holà, soy Myriam Pinon, de Paris

I signed up on 09/09/97 09:51:34.

This page might not appear as the greatest of all time, but if you read French take a chance to look at my various sites:

Le petit Benjamin Illustré
Histoire de la Musique Electronique
Les Drogues

Most of the texts I published are hosted by worldnet.fr. I use this GeoCities account to store some pages that would violate French regulations, such as drug information: in my dear country, you cannot publish such things as "hemp can be used to make ropes", because it presents a 'drug' (hemp) in a positive manner: you risk 6 months in jail and 30000 Francs (5000 US$) of fee. Intelligence has limits, not stupidity.

I am a transsexual person (MtF). Proudly, "Le Petit Benjamin Illustré" is the first French information site about Transsexuality.

   Email me at myriam@worldnet.fr in the meantime.

Please come back soon and visit me.

May your dreams come true

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