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Welcome dudes to my home page. I am addictied to IRC so if your on an EFnet server look for me. I am usually on #gayboysex, #gaynj or my own channel #gayboystuds. I finally got my irc bot up so visit my channel #gayboystuds. 4 now peace!hugs:-)


  • MEN! of course
  • Hanging out at the mall
  • Hangout out with friends
  • The Internet
  • IRC of course

    Favorite Movies

  • Independane Day i love it!
  • Twister
  • The Bodyguard the music

    Favorite Music and Radio

  • WKTU The New KTU 103.5FM NYC I love that station
  • WHTZ Z100 100.3FM NYC Listen to Love Phones 10-12EST
  • Celine Dion-Its All coming back to me now, Because you love me, all by myself
  • Mariah Carey-Always be my baby, one sweet day, now that i know, musicbox
  • Boyz II Men-ill make love to you, on bended knee, water runs dry, one sweet day, end of the road
  • All good techno and club music
  • Tony Braxton-Unbreaken heart
  • Madonna- dont cry for me argentina, you must love me
  • Better Middler-The Rose, From a Distance, Wind Beneath My Wings

    What About Guys? What I don't Like

  • Don't like guys who where tight pants
  • Don't like alternative or heavy metal
  • Like some rap not hardcore stuff
  • Like clean guys meaning hair combed, clothes washed, clean underwear (hehe)
  • I Don't like long hair down to your sholders

    What I do Like? hmm good question

  • Guys who take can take care of me
  • Guys who sag their pants to see their underwear, but you dont have to
  • Guys who wear nice clothes (tommy, nautica) not a tee-shirt and jeans i hate that
  • Guys 26 or under a mustnote: for perspective boyfriends only
  • Anything else goes

    My Friends On IRC

  • Tyson15
  • ^sd
  • bkboy
  • stevie_
  • radnj
  • nicee
  • Joey

    My Channel #gayboystuds on efnet

    IRC Channels You can find me on EFNet Only

  • #gayboysex always there
  • #gaynj
  • #gayteensex
  • #gayboystuds my channel

    I do have another website my public one for everyone this page is just about me and my life. If you like me send me an email at hangout@micro-net.com or click on the link below.
    email me!

    This is my personal page not having anything to do with the GBS, GTS, GBS2, or gaynj owners group.