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Last update November 14, 2000

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Finally I have been able to get yahoo/geocities to get me access again!

Hi there- thanks for stopping by. My name is Dan, I am a 30 year old, gay white male. I say that just to let you know that this page is aimed at other gay males out there- specifically gay men who love athletics and athletic men. Click here to find out more about me...

I am, as any good Wisconsinite is, A big fan of The Green Bay Packers. Click here to check out my Green Bay Packers Page

Anyways, I enjoy working out, and as a gay male have a real appreciation for the male body :). I am therefore making this page to display some of the great pictures I have picked up off the internet and to share some of my links to great sites on the internet. Please be advised that these are not nude pictures-but if you are not a gay male these might not appeal to you. One other thing-these pictures were almost all picked up over the internet..I do not know the authors, but if any of them are yours, and you can e-mail me proof of copyright-I will be glad to give you credit for them or remove them.

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This page has been on-line since August 19th, 1996. 

I also run a series of  adult web sites -Click Here to check them out... Lots of Athletes with no clothes on!

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