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Lord Kaymelkan will see ye now. Please come with me. The servant shows you down the hall as you pass pic's of all sorts of things. The servant stops for a sec to show you into a black marble room. You think to your self "So this is where the Archmage Kaymelkan sits" a voice breaks your thoughts. "Yes he does, Please have a seat. M'Lord/Lady." So ye wish to be something that ye are not to let your mind slip from this world and into another?" Kaymelkan's blue within blue eyes flash. "I shall not keep ye from it than, let your mind slip in to your body, Let me show you away."

This page is for all types of people I hope and if you feel ye need to give me something like kits or stories...and the like just send them and I will give you all the credit. Sorry for the spelling it is not that good. For now that is all I have to say I hope ye enjoy my page. I am always open for helpful hints and the like. Safe travelling ye will need it.

Well I am sure ye would just love to see some kits and races that I have got I shall not keep you from them: Here they are

Ye wish to see my new story section hmmmm? I think I shall not keep ye from it then. Come join me

So you wish to know about other things hmmm... let me think. Yes in the libary here let me show you the way. The libary
Sorry for spelling!!

Sign my book of lost souls.... Sign "The book of lost souls"
Or If ye just would like to have a peek inside View "The book of lost souls"

Here be my E-Mail address .

You are the person here and hopeful ye will come back

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