juump's dead end (revised for 2002) (re-revised for 2006)

This was my first web page, about a million years ago. It was better when the only way you could find it was to know the old GeoCities address, http://www.reocities.com/SouthBeach/2357/ but things change.

That was back in the days when the web was more about "community" than about monetizing everything that could possibly have even a penny wrung from it.

Once, the only people who were involved in this newest medium were the ones who loved it for the dopey reasons I also had. Unfortunately, some got rich and chummed the water, luring every two-bit gold-rusher and his brother to Silicon Valley to grab their share.

In the spirit of the time, I am even editing this in what used to be called "expert mode," i.e., in a tiny TEXTAREA in the middle of the page (now called "Simple HTML Editor"!), with none of the amenities of a modern HTML text editor which I've grown accustomed to. And it's fine.

Am I bitter? No. I still have a job, and I still really like it. I get to play around with all sorts of stuff I couldn't even imagine back in '96 (or so?) and get paid for it, too.

So thank you, GeoCities. You gave me my start in a wonderful new career, in a strange new medium still inventing itself, and I will never forget.