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Seen it all? No idea what or where you want to do? A few places of general and unusual interest along with fellow webbist's sites are found at entertaining & Interesting links page. Then again, Seem to be here, alot?

Not so recently I have had an odd interest in the historical nature of a few things around here. Check out Calgary's 1903 Telephone Directory.

AppleTalk Project
Check out the Household AppleTalk or if you prefer the term, LocalTalk project.

Coming Soon Thought Dispenser
They say if that thing your hat sits upon gets
little use, it becomes useless.
Let's not let that happen.

Welcome to the site du'D2M

established about 970422

Several thousand served

In our fifth year running!

Do you have yours?
Mail & News 3 has some quick and dirty ways to get here, check it out.

For maximum effect this has been written with Most browsers in mind. No frames, no style sheets and very little Java.

The Projects that are afoot
During your stay see what the new projects are, or revisit the old.

Did you mess with it?
The classic Problem Solving flow chart, remember? In the good ol' days when 6502 assembly code was in, so was this chart. Do you have a Problem?

Historical Pictures
Clique the graphic for a sample visit to 1984.
In color

You have had a chance to look around and you noticed this when you arrived, you are intrigued, you have to say something, you have this incredible urge to type a quick note..... Speak out Don't say it, type it!

Also New! An additional odd interest in the historical nature of a few things around here is maps. Check out some images of Calgary 1926 & 1955 maps links page.


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