Clan Obsidian Fire

The Black King lay dead, slain at the hands of his own Priests and Knights. The young Prince Albrecht was still missing, and the proud defenders of Khanduras were no more. The people of Tristam looked about their lifeless town and were greatly dismayed. Awash in feelings of both relief and remorse , they soon realized that their troubles had merely begun. Strange, eerie lights appeared in the darkened windows of the Monastery. Misshapen, leathery skinned creatures were seen venturing forth from the shadows of the church. Horrible, wounded cries seemed to linger in the wind, emanating from deep underground. It became apparent that something quite unnatural had infested the once holy sight.....

Welcome traveler, we are Clan Obsidian Fire. Look around and review our rules. If you agree, and you meet the requirements then you may be privaleged to join our ranks. Beware, anyone who stands in our path shall be destroyed. If you are allowed to enter you will become one of the elite few members of Clan Obsidian Fire, forever may it burn.

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