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waycool picture of me Hi to all of you out there in the web. Recently I became a resident in virtual space. This is the first version of my home in the net. To make it a good home I would like to share what is important to me with everybody who is interested.

What can you find here. First of all there is my research at the Technische Universitaet Hamburg-Harburg, Germany. Furthermore, a preview of a planned radio contribution on electronic music in combination or better in contrast with literature. The literature page contains my favorite books. You can join a discussion on the relation between politics and science. For the virtual tourist some sites in Hamburg, Germany.

Focus your Interest

My research interests and other scientific highlights.

My radio show and stuff I do to keep myself from doing research.

My literature favorites for people who like to read.

My views on science and politics for people who'd like to form a platform.

My little internet gallery.

My Hamburg and other cool places.

To look around in my neighbourhood check this out: Go to the Paris GeoPage

Last update November 10, 1996.

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