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You may be wondering why this page hasn't been updated since Diefenbaker was Prime Minister, and the aswer to that is quite simple: I'm lazy...... VERY lazy...... Well, that and I have very little time, with university and the like occupying my time, but I prefer the lazy excuse, it has a somewhat less pretentious feel...... With this in mind, I guess I shoudl make it "official" and state that, unless I feel less lazy, upgrades and updates to the site will be few and far between, although those of you who have previously vistied this site will no doubt have deduced this.... Disclaimer: I apologise if any information here is outdated, and/or any link(s) do not work, I have very little spare time and I am not often able to make such corrections. If you do find any mistakes, and especially any outdated links, please e-mail me and tell me about, and it would be greatly appreciated.

What Is Tourette Syndrome?
Striclty speaking, Tourette Syndrome is a neurological disorder or imbalance which often causes involuntary motor, facial, and/or vocal tics in those who have it.

In Other Terms:
If you have ever been walking down the street and seen someone swearing unceasingly, or doing things like constantly blinking his eyes, or any form of odd motor behaviour, the chances are he/she has Tourette Syndrome. Tourette Syndrome is a type of neurological disorder which will result in tics, in most cases. These tics are usually motor tics, but in many cases they can also be vocal tics and/or facial. To many people, this affliction is quite humourous, but to those who actually have it, there is nothing funny about it. People with TS are barely able to control their actions, and what is not needed is pestering and harassing. Much of the time, Tourette Syndrome is coupled with either ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) or ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), although any solid corelation between the two is very controversial and still debated. A person with ADD usually has a very short attention span and can be restless much of the time. A person with ADHD will have a short attention span, be restless, and be very energetic, and jumpy.

Here are the addresses and phone numbers of Tourette Syndrome Organizations:

Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada
194 Jarvis St Suite 206
Toronto ON M5B 2B7
Toll Free: 1-800-361-3120
Local: (416)-861-8398
Fax: 416-861-2472
United States:
Tourette Syndrome Association
42-40 Bell Boulevard
Bayside, New York 11361-2820
Tel: 718-224-2999
Fax: 718-279-9596

St. Dymphna:
If you're a religious Catholic Fanatic (like I know *I* am), or even a moderate Catholic (like I know *I* sometimes pretend to be)St. Dymphna is the Patron Saint of, well, without mincing words, she is, technically, Patron Saint of the Insane (COO COO), but her "portfolio", if you will, also includes things such as Tourette's. I recommend that you take some time to read about her. Even if you are not necessarily a religious person, you may find it informative. I highly recommend visiting the site. Here is a Prayer To Saint Dymphna which you may find helpful.

Support Group
There is a support group for teens with neurological disorders called Neurology Millenia. There will be an online chat each Thursday at 8:00 PM Eastern time. Every week a new disorder will be discussed. For more information visit the site..

Tourette Links:
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Stichting Gilles de la Tourette(A Dutch Page)

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