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Updated: June 11th, 2004


Welcome to my humble spot on the Internet where I can post my genealogy info and other various hobbies & stuff. I hope you enjoy this page and if you're a genealogy researcher, I hope you find some useful information. Please drop me a line if you'd like any amplifying information on anything you find here.

Oh yeah... Sorry about the annoying Geocities add that keeps popping up to the right of the screen. Unfortunately, that's what comes with a "free" web host.

For more about me, read my bio here.

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 Dean History File   Hunt History File   Studebaker History File   Leise History File   Loveall History File 

Additional Genealogy Links

Dean Family Genealogy Forum Hunt Family Genealogy Forum Studebaker Family Assoc.
Deans of Dorchester Story of "Injun' Joe" Studebaker History of Lawrence Co, PA
Lawrence Co. PA, Genealogy History of Butler Co, PA Huntingdon Co., PA, Historical Society

Genealogy Photo Archives

Genealogy Database Index

All the names in my database as of 16 July 2001. I've removed birthdays in consideration of my living relatives. For further information on any names you may see, please email me.

Civil War History and Re-enacting

3rd MD Infantry (US)* The National Regiment 100th PA Infantry (Roundheads)
26th PA Infantry 140th Gettysburg Reenactment Regimental Quartermasters
The Authentic Campaigner American Civil War Homepage
Western PA CW Resources Maryland in the Civil War Civil War Home Page

* I'm a member of the 3rd MD (US) Reenactor unit. Please visit our site!

Navy Sites

U. S. Navy Welcome Aboard The "Goat Locker"
CTOSea Dogs US Naval Crytologic Vets

Everything Else!

Conservative Links

Rush Limbaugh

Conservative News Service

Real Reagan Record

Debunk the liberal myths about the 80's

The Federalist

The Heritage Foundation

American Family Association

Essays on the Devastation of the American Society
By The Liberal Movement

Media Research Center

People Eating Tasty Animals

Great Quotes!
From Neal Bortz's Web Site


Internet Hoaxes/Emails

One of my biggest pet peeves are all the email hoaxes that go around the internet. One of the best rules I've heard that if/when you see "send this to everybody you know," then it's probably a hoax. For a list of good anti-hoax resources, check out my hoax site.

Dairy Cows

One of the things I really enjoyed doing growning up was showing dairy cows (Guernseys, specifically) at the local county fairs. Thanks to the internet, I've been able to keep up on breed news & shows. Check out my dairy page for some interesting links. For a great looking Guernsey, check out the "Cow of the Week."

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