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This "pointers" homepage is for people like me.  Explore the possibilities of the Internet and WWW.  Your comments or additional ideas are welcome.  I'm 12 years old.  My hobbies are baseball, basketball, and video and on-line gaming.  Catch me at the Yahoo! Auction Center for the best in Pokemon opportunities.  Download the  Official Pokemon Price Guide below (5.4 meg/20 minutes), and play the Pokemon movie trailer (528k/2 minutes).  If you need the Real Media Player then follow the link.

You can also find me playing Age of Empires - Age of Kings at The Zone.   My on-screen name is  "Y2T_Steven."  Don't go to my brother's homepage.  He'll get a swelled head!  Sheesh!  By the way, Sheesh was added into the Webster's Dictionary on May 10, 1996.  Feel free to E-mail me at bottom of this page.  Replace your Netscape 4.0's with an MSIE 5.01 quality browser experience!  -  And even better yet, IT'S ALWAYS FREE!

Proceed directly to my food page and write me if you like my recipes.  I love to cook!

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