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The Minority Police Officer Interface

This page is dedicated to the many Minority Police Officer's around the country (African/American, Hispanic, Asian and others) who have "Been There, Done That, and STILL HAVE TO SHOW AN ID".

And to my wife, daughters and granddaughter - Shirley, Victoria, Kristen, Melissa and Keira - You are my reasons for being what I try to be.

So, let's start this by stating that my name is Charles P. Wilson. While I have very definitely "Been There, Done That, and Kept Right On Moving IN SPITE OF IT ALL", I am currently still crazy in that after working as a law enforcement officer in Ohio since 1972 , I came to Rhode Island in 1992 (the wife has a better job than mine) and became a Campus Law Enforcement Officer, currently working as a Lieutenant with the Rhode Island College Campus Police Department.

Anyway, this is where you get to know who I am, and where my head is at (when it's not firmly attached ). And, so that there is a firm understanding of where my head usually is, the vast majority of what you will find here is MY OPINION ! If you don't like what you see, race down to the center of the page and click on another URL (or better still, follow this link and EDUCATE YOUR MIND).

Personal Stuff

Old enought to know better, young enough to still be able to try. I attended one of the oldest Historically Black College and Universities in the country, Central State University, in Wilberforce, Ohio. Not so much of a militant-minded brother at the time, I have matured and come to have a full grip on the realities of who I am. I have not always been pleased with what I have become, but I have always thrilled in who I am.

Experientially, as a police officer I have tried to make myself as knowledgeable and professional as any ten members of the majority-culture, not only because I had to be, but also because I wanted to be. And I did it the hard way, I earned it.

By the way, for those of you who visit here and decide you want to either make constructive criticism, comments or talk about me like a dog, you can send your messages to any of the following mailboxes. Eventually, depending on my attitude and yours, I will get around to answering.

You can also take the time to sign or view one of my guest books if you wish.

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Drugs, The Black Community, and the CIA

Okay, people let's have a REALLY frank talk with ourselves. If they did not know it was being done, they SHOULD HAVE KNOWN it was being done. I mean, after all, this is the ultimate secret police force we're talking about here.

But the real bottom line, sadly enough, is that WE LET THEM DO IT TO US, and to a very large extent, WE DID IT TO OURSELVES !!!

Now there are some of my more radical brothers and sisters out there who will be exceptionally upset with me for saying that, but WE DID NOT HAVE TO LET THEM IN; WE DID NOT HAVE TO TAKE THEIR POISON INTO OUR VEINS, OUR HOMES AND OUR LIVES.

We are a people who should be wise to the ways of the enemy after having met them in battle so many times before, yet we have not learned from 200 years of experience even now. We should have realized in the very beginning that this was yet another way of making people of color and their children GIVE AWAY THEIR FUTURES AND TAKE AWAY THEIR FREEDOM !!!. And WE DID NOT HAVE TO PERPETUATE THE PROBLEM BY BUYING IT, SELLING OR USING IT to the detriment of our own neighborhoods !!!

And even now, we allow them to fake us out by saying that, since "Black, Hispanic and Asian gangs" control the drug traffic in the 'hood, whites are not responsible. Do we really need a bunch of rocket scientists to help us figure this out ??


College/University Police Perceptions

One of my pet peeves is the fact that Campus Law Enforcement officers in this state REALLY GET NO RESPECT !! On my campus, we are considered to be, at best, highly qualified security personnel, but I am willing to bet that, if you considered the total experience of just the officers assigned to the shift I supervise (midnights, what else), you would find more than 120 years of professional law enforcement service in place.

Now "Why", you may ask, do I stay in this situation ? Well it surely ain't the money, honey, 'cause we don't get that much. I really like being a cop, or for those who have a need to be more politically correct, Police Officer. The Board of Governors and the AFSCME Local officials can say what they will, but after 20-odd years of training and working the streets, dealing with people's problems ( and solving some to boot ), being hassled by politicians (I am a former Police Chief), and sundry other moments of stark hilarity, I KNOW that I have earned the right to be considered as such. So pardon me, if I take offense at being called anything else but.

Currently, I am involved in a research project regarding Ambiguity and Perception in the Role of Campus Law Enforcement Officers (for those who have answered the survey, thank you), with a specific interest in State Colleges and Universities in the RI, MA, and CT area.

The Golden Lance Award

I have chosen to develop an award which honors all Campus and University Law Enforcement Agencies. This award, entitled the Golden Lance, is presented to various agencies based upon their support of Campus Law Enforcement. If you are interested, or think that your site qualifies, take a look at the criteria and submit it. Who knows, I might think you were worth the effort.

I am also a member of the Award Ring. Check it out.

This Award Ring site is owned by Charles Wilson
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Web Design

I manage and maintain the web pages for both the Rhode Island Minority Police Association and my home department, the Rhode Island College Campus Police. I have also written web pages for Investigative Services, Inc., Signature Computers, Inc., and have been asked to help design pages for several organizations representing Minority Police Officers in New Jersey and Connecticut, as well as several local police departments. And I recently joined the HTML Witers Guild. So I guess now I'm an OFFICIAL Web Master.

I've also won some awards for this site.

Minority Police/Community Affairs

One of my GREATEST SOURCES OF ANGUISH as a law enforcement officer in this state is the absolute scarcity of a strong base of minority police personnel. I am originally from the Cleveland, Ohio area where the sight of a minority officer (anyone of color), particularly those who had achieved the status of rank and supervisory authority, was considered commonplace in the majority of communities. In the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations (gee, I hate that last part, but it's the way they write the pay checks, soooo...), even though it has a small minority population, the only department with a large number of African Americans, Hispanics, and other culturally-diverse personnel is Providence. And, as a member of the Minority Law Enforcement Community, and especially in a State where, out of some 3,500 police officers, I find it utterly appalling that there are less than 10 Minority Police supervisors, I believe it is specifically encumbent upon the Minority Law Enforcement Officers within the State, and indeed elsewhere, to do as much as possible to enhance and improve the image of both the Minority Community-at-Large and the Police Profession in general.

I believe that we have a mandate to provide professional services to the public, regardless of color, and to teach the youth of our community to respect first themselves and each other, and to respect those things which will help them grow to be productive members of our society.

In my role as the Outreach Officer for the Rhode Island Minority Police Association, I hope that I have tried to pass on these concepts to every officer I have met or spoken to.

And as someone has said, "if you are not in the game, you can't play." I believe it is incumbant upon us as Minority Law Enforcement Officers to make ourselves aware of position openings that will both enhance and advance our careers, as well as strengthen our positions as Positive Role Models for the youth of our communities. So, Brothers and Sisters, any time, any where, that you hear of a higher ranking or more politically visible position being made available, apply, Apply, APPLY !!! We already know that we're qualified. What is really needed is for us to get off our collective rear ends and put ourselves in position for making the move. Apply - so that they can never say "Minorities do not apply for these positions". Apply, so that THEY HAVE NO EXCUSES. APPLY - so that, if you are the only one there, they cannot NOT INTERVIEW YOU !!. And once you have THE INTERVIEW, DON'T LIGHT A CANDLE, TAKE A FLAMETHROWER !!! and brighten and enlighten their perceptions of you as a law enforcement professional.

THEN, when they play the "Good Old Boy Networking Polka", kindly provide them with renditions of the two songs that brings tears to their eyes - Arbitration and Litigation. (And make them hear several verses, along with the chorus)

For a look at the most recent known law enforcement related jobs in the Rhode Island area, click here.

Strong Families

I believe very firmly in the concept of a strong family unit. And no, Mr. Quayle, it does NOT HAVE TO BE A COMPLETE MOTHER-FATHER situation. But I do agree, especially in the minority community, the male half MUST MAKE A BETTER EFFORT ! Our women have carried the ball far too long.

I believe in the education of our children, so that they may learn what the system represents and how to handle it's many variations and ramifications. Our children must learn that there is no glory in being drug dealers, pimps and prostitutes, regardless of the financial return.

I believe FIRMLY in the concept of teaching our children to understand their heritage, history and culture, because we must first know where we have been to obtain a firm grasp on where we are going. This is not to say that the past holds all of the answers, because it does'nt. But you cannot know the answer if you do not ask the question !! And DO NOT BE AFRAID TO QUESTION, little one's, for it is in the asking that intelligence is formatted. Yet you should always be respectful in your questioning. In other words, do not slay the messenger because you do not care for the message or it's method of delivery.

There is knowledge to be found in all things, if you but choose a place to look.

I don't like to get long-winded, so this is the part where you get to check out some of those fantastic areas of the web. While I have tried to list those areas which should have some interest to minority law enforcement officers, this page is not just about that. It's all about learning, because the Web is probably the greatest learning tool we have at our disposal.

Selections Available
Law Enforcement Software
Search EnginesCredits
ResearchBrothers & Sisters

Search Engines

There are a number of "Search Engines" available for use, so I have included only the one's that I have found useful to me on a regular basis. If anyone has or uses one that is better or provides more leeway, let me know and I will try to list it.

YahooInfoSeekStarting Point Choice
LycosCity NetMagellan
InktomiAlta VistaWeb Crawler
AT&T 800 DirectoryFour11 DirectoryFind People Utility

Internet Software

I have listed those locations where software can be found for either making Web Pages, graphics, and/or locations which provide information concerning specific software programs of interest to law enforcement.

TUCOWSStrouds CWS Apps ListEZPage Online Site Creator
HomePage Starter KitMedia Link's GraphicsPergatory Guestbook

Police Web Sites

I am only going to list a few, primary of which is Ira Wilkers web site. NO WHERE ELSE have I found as extensive a listing of law enforcement-related materials. Yes, there are others in the band, but this one not only "sings", it is the entire orchestra !!

U.S. Federal - State CourtsU. S. Supreme CourtConstitutions, Statutes & Codes
Law Library CatalogsCorporate ResearchVital Records
Cntr. For Missing-Exploited ChildrenFour11 Directory ServicesU.S. House of Rep. Law Library
Find People UtilityAmer. Journal of PoliceJrnl. Crim. Just. & Pop. Culture
Rhode Island Minority Police Assoc.Pawtucket Police Dept.Coventry Police Dept.
Police Off. DirectoryCopNetCA Lutheran Univ.
Campus Law Enf. Resource PageIra Wilskers Law Enf.Police Depts. On Internet

The Internet LEO Muster
This Muster site is owned by Lieut. Charles P. Wilson.

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Want to join the Muster? Get the information here.


Again, knowledge and education are the best and true sources of power, because once you have them, they cannot be taken away, and they can be used to gain those other sources and visible indications of power that others understand more clearly.

The sites listed here are for the enrichment of your mind.

Law Library CatalogsU.S. House Law LibraryVital Records
Internet EncyclopediaInst. Inter-Govt. ResearchMCB University Press
Anbar Internet ForumCriminal Justice BooksFill Your Mind

"People of the Drum"

As a member of the minority community, I believe that it is absolutely necessary and imperative that we learn to recognize every iota of knowledge and information available to us which speaks of our culture, history, heritage and traditions as a people.The sites listed here are those which I feel do just that.

We are the "People of the Drum". And the rythym of the drum has traveled not only from Africa to America, but from heart to heart, soul to soul.To us, the progeny of Shaka and Hannibal, Cleopatra and Nefertiti, belongs the legacy of the Great Black Kings and Queens of Old.

And like those Kings and Queens, we must understand and accept our obligations and responsibilities to our people. We must understand and know when it is safe to give battle, and when it is needful to give tribute. We must remember that our ancestors battles were fought both FOR and ABOUT US ! And we must bear to heart that we all must ride into battle when it comes, as a collective force, rather than sporadic pockets of resistance.

And so, my Sisters and Brothers, THE SPIRIT OF THE DRUM is calling. Do not let it's sound fall on deaf ears.

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Black Information NetworkBlack Issues in Higher EducationKWANZAA Information Center
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ArtNoir ShowcaseWestern Journal of Black StudiesMalcolm
Walt Walker, ArtistNational Black History Museum"I Have A Dream"
Black History on The WebAfrican American HolocaustBlack America OnLine
Black PioneersAfrican American Shopping MallAfrican American Heritage Preservation Foundation


I really need to say "Thanks" to people like Off. Charlie Allard of my department who has been of tremendous assistance in doing some of my graphics stuff, and for providing both friendly and critical reviews; my wife and two younger daughters (Shirley, Kristen and Melissa), for putting up with my incessant amount of time on the computer; to my oldest, dearest and best friends - Stan Reese, D.J. Washington, and Leon Frazier in Dayton, Ohio, who will all be forever in my heart and on my mind; to the memory of my dad, Charles P. Wilson III, who taught me that "It ain't necessarily so"; and to all of the people who have let me borrow ideas, source code, software, etc. to look at and try to learn this stuff, so that it could be presented here.