"And if the cloud bursts, thunder in your ear
You shout and no one seems to hear
And if the band you're in starts playing different tunes
I'll see you on the dark side of the moon."



The kitchen is open and the gumbo is steaming!! Come on in!!

A Tribute To Her
Majesty The Queen
Of Hearts

Princess Diana of Wales

Welcome to my kitchen!! After bouncing from home page to home page, I have found that the thing to do first is to introduce myself. So I shall follow suit. I was born on a warm summer evening, on June 13, 1961. Seems like a long time ago! After nearly passing away as an infant, I returned strong. I attended, and graduated from, Mitchell Senior High School in Mitchell South Dakota. During my time there I played football, ran cross country and track. Right out of high school, I met the woman I would go onto marry. Thinking I knew everything, I skipped college in favor of marriage. by the time I was 21, I had built a house, had two cars and the motorcycle, a wife, son and daughter, and was on top of the world. Now you are asking yourself what happened? When I was 15, I started working as a dishwasher at a little truck stop. While this job didn't last long, I had caught the food service bug! from there I went to Burger King, where I eventually moved into management. Sadly, it was my love of restaurant work that cost me my marriage. I was obsessed to be the best, to keep moving up. The sad thing about restaurant service is that it is a very selfish, demanding career. I did make it to the top, going from a 15 year old dishwasher, to executive chef at one of the finer restaurants in the town I now live in here in Nebraska. But at what cost? Any relationships I ever had, no holidays with my family, and of course my marriage. I have since left the business, taking a middle management position with a manufacturing firm. It just became more important to devote more time to my personal life. I have my 16 year old son Chad, living with me now, and I have lots more time to be with him. It is also going to be easier for me to complete my next goal, that being bringing my 13 year old daughter Ashley, back here with me also.


Wow. It's been two years already since I touched my homepage. A lot of changes have taken place. My son is now 18 and my daughter 15. Thats makes me.....older! I find it hard to believe that my son is already out on his own, facing the world with everything 18 year olds thnk they know. A lot of changes in my professional life as well. After spending two years at my old job, (see above), I went back to the restaurant business. I was offered, and accepted, the executive chefs position with the Country Club here in my home town. The money was amazing, so how could I possibly say no! I'm going to be posting a link here soon, and show off some of my work with various banquets and wedding receptions I do, so stay tuned!!

Your Host!



Mel Gibson, Braveheart.

Here you will find links to some of the many excellant recipe sites on the Web

Recipes by Chef Paul Prudhomme. One of my favorites!!
Good cajan and creole sight!!
This one is just for you Cat!!! Mama Mia!!!!
Love pasta?? Go here....excellant collection of recipes!!
Graham Kerr's healthy recipe of the month..good stuff.
Some good barbeque recipes here.
Like wine? Go here!!

Lost Love

We are all blessed in life with the love of many men or women. Click on the rose to see the two who were most special to me.

Got something to say? Questions to ask? Leave them in the book and I'll be happy to get back to you.

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Vikings Mania !!


Over the last year I have developed a real love for Winston Cup racing. During that time, I have adopted Mark Martin as my favorite driver. His agressive style, and drive to win is an attitude I wish my football team would adopt!! Click on Marks car to keep track of how he does this year in his quest for a championship!


My Favorite Non Football Related Sports Team

Dominique Moceanu!
Dominique Marceanu
Dominique Marceanu!
Dominique Dawes!
Shannon Miller!
Shannon Miller!

Many of these home pages are made for fun, and are filled with interesting, though irrelevent things. As is mine. But I've decided to use this section to try and make a difference. The events of the last couple months have caused me great grief. The little beauty queen sexually abused and killed in Denver. The little boy abducted and killed in Atlanta last week. And the little boy, abducted and bound, killed, and left nude in the desert of California. This can't go on. I have linked several missing children sites from here. Please, please, please, take just a moment to visit them, and see if a face looks familiar to you. We can all make a differance. Save one childs life and you help save the future.

National Center For Missing And Exploited Children.

Children missing From My Home State Of Nebraska.

During my 20 year career in the food sevice industry, I have worked in many restaurants, in differant cities, in several states here in the midwest. During my travels I have had the oppurtunity to prepare meals for several top name entertainers. See how many you recognize!
The Oak Ridge Boys (They all ate Trout Almondine!)
Kathy Mattea
Mel Tillis
Sawyer Brown (Roast beef and broasted chicken!)
Crystal Gayle
New Kids On The Block
Tiffany (patty melt and bowl of soup!)
I have also had the oppurtunity to prepare meals for several senators, congressmen, and one governor, That being Governor Bill Janklow of South Dakota.

This past year I have been completely bowled over by the amazing voice of 14 year old country sensation LeAnn Rhimes. When she sings a love ballad, her voice is filled with the kind of emotions few of us ever experience. Her rendition of unchained melody totally hypnotizes me. Right now links for LeAnn are limited on the net, but I will be searching!

"The sound seems to come out of the past, like some lost Patsy Cline radio broadcast thatís been hidden away for 35 or 40 years... Yet, the voice is young and fresh and remarkably full...thereís a new singer in town." -- Houston Chronicle

"Superstar" and "Sensation" are just a couple of the terms that deejays, reporters and music industry veterans across the country are using to describe 14-year-old LeAnn Rimes, whose debut record, Blue, took the airwaves by storm. Blue entered Billboardís country chart at number 49 and went to Top 10, making Rimes the youngest country singer to debut that high.

LeAnn Rhimes bio.

1996 Acadamy Of Country Music Awards
Top New Female Vocalist
Single Of The Year-Blue
Song Of The Year-Blue
Album Of The Year-Blue
1996 Country Music Associate
Horizon Award
1996 Grammy Awards
Song Of The Year-Blue
Best New Artist
Best New Female Country Artist
1997 Acadamy Of Country Music Awards
Single Of The Year
Best Female Artist
Favorite New Artist
1997 Billboard Music Awards
Country Album Of The Year
Country Female Artist
Singer Of he Year
1997 TNN/Music City News Female Star Of Tomorrow

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