Russell Fire Department
Unofficial Homepage that is...
Welcome to the one & only, as far as I know, Unofficial Russell Fire Department Homepage.  Yes, I am a member of the Russell Fire Department & if you should hear me on the radio, I am 8013.  Not a lucky number for most, but it has brought me no bad luck as of yet.  And I have been a member for over thirteen years now.
The Russell Fire Department was conceived in 1914 and has served the community dilligently ever since.  Russell is a community which was built on the trade of the Ohio River and has a strong history in the Steele, Railroad, & Petroleum businesses.  ARMCO Steele which is now known as AK Steele, The C&O Railroad which is now known as CSX Transportation, & Ashland Oil which is soon to be known as who knows what due to the very recent merger with Marathon Oil.  We'll just have to wait & see on that one.
The City of Russell has a population of about 25,000 & runs a thirty member plus four officers two station fire department.  We are considered combination paid/volenter department because we receive some compensation for the drills & fire calls we respond to.  We do not officially have any full time members on the department.  That's not to say that our Chief Harry J. Thomas & Captain Bernard King plus a handfull of the members don't put in full time devotion to the department.
Station 1 Downtown is a two bay, double deep, drive through station which houses; Truck 1 = A 1980 Chevrolet heavy duty package van. It carries our Hurst tools & the power unit for it.  It also carries most of the members protective clothing as well as spare Scott air cylinders.  It carries quite a bit of other miscellaneous equipment as well.  Truck 4 = A 1993 KME Custom Cab 1000gpm pumper.  Tower 2 = A 1975 refirbbed Mack 75 foot platform areial that we purchased used from FDNY.  Our Truckies ride her when the call arises.
Station 2 Kenwood is a three bay back in station which houses; Truck 6 = A 1983 Chevrolet/FMC Conventional Cab 750gpm pumper that is our last gasoline powered pumper.  Truck 5 = A 1975 Segraves refirbbed 750gpm pumper.  It will be sold in the very near future.  Upon delivery of Fire/Rescue 1 = A 1997 Pierce Custom Cab 1000gpm that is due to be delivered the second week of June.  We are really looking forward to that.