Since I work for the Post Office, I decided to add a Postal page. I am just begining and it will consist of information and links to postal information and pages of other postal workers.

I suppose the thing to do first is to give you the "official" site of the USPS....not to be confused with UPS! Also Fed EX is NOT us. We were the first to offer express mail!

Any self respecting postal worker who may want to know how to contact their union can go to APWU or NALC. Let's not neglect our MAILHANDLERS either.

More good links for information

FMLA The DOL sight about the family and medical leave act. Did you know that you as an employee are covered and not just family? I didn't, and paid the price! Please don't short change yourself the way I did. Use this link for an excellent reference source.

Another good source I located that is really full of links to benefits, retirement, you name it is The Carrier Connection.

I suppose out of fairness, something they know little about, I should have a reference for the supervisors NAPS.

Working for the Post Office was at one time a good job. In many ways it still is. The pay and benefits are good, the work is not that hard. Then what makes postal workers unhappy? It's the inhumane treatment they receive and the lack of respect they are given by their superiors. Most employees want to do a good job and yes... they DO CARE ABOUT their customers very much. People re-act according to how they are treated generally. If you're treated discourteously, or like an "animal" or 2nd class citizen, that is how you will respond. So, if you ever wondered why Postal employees are refered to as "Disgruntled", visit THE DISGRUNTLED POSTAL WORKER ZONE to learn why.

This is an outrageous funny game my friend Don told me about. You have heard the expression "Go Postal" meaning homicidal..well now there's a game by that name so "GO POSTAL".


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