The 2 obvious things may be that my name is Judy and I like to golf! The name "golfgjudy" was actually suppose to be "golfingjudy" however, AOL was the first service I signed on to and the system would not accept that many letters therefore the i and n were dropped...so the g really means nothing! :))

You may have also noticed I like music, and if you are listening to the midi I have on this page, I am of Macedonian and Serbian heritage and my paternal grandmother came from a part of the country that Greece took over. She went to Greek schools, etc. I was baptized and raised in the Greek Orthodox church.

I live in Ohio, and have, almost all of my life. Just a home town girl you might say. I was born in Washington state, only because my dad was stationed at Ft. Lewis at the time. When he shipped out overseas my mother returned to Ohio where I have been ever since.

When my father was discharged he returned home and went to work in the steel mill.....after all what could someone with only a 9th grade education do. To supplement the family income he went to work part time as a bartender. Soon, the owner recognized his abilities and offered him a job as full time manger. He accepted, and that was the begining of his new career.

Through time he became a partner in another bar...then went out on his own with a dream to build a night club. He wanted good entertainment so he headed off to New York in search of talent. He found some unknown talent that he felt would become potential stars and had the foresight to sign them to contracts to begin playing and singing for him begining in 6 months: but at the rate they were receiving when he found them.

It was in the 50's and the entertainment he had booked from New York had come to town to perform at "The Showboat". There was one major difference with this unknown talent...they were now stars....

Johnny Ray, The Four Aces, The Crew Cuts, Mel Torme....

Not bad for a man with only a 9th grade education!! These performers dined at our home and this is the atmosphere my love of music grew from. That is part of why I like the sounds of the 50's and 60's.

To hear some of these sounds or to hear some other FANTASTIC sounds you just gotta go to "THE WANDERER"

If you too are partial to this type of sound I invite you to look into

TO JOIN P.O.O.L. press here

I live in the Cleveland area...the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame where it all began with Alan Freed... I'm also a bit partial to the so called love songs....I guess that makes me just an old romantic at heart!

I'll give you a hint of what else I like about Cleveland....WAAHOO!! GO TRIBE!!!

I have raised 4 children, and just 6years ago I met a wonderful woman about 5 years younger than me. She is technically my step-daughter! There was an instant feeling for her, and I wish that I had the opportunity to have known her sooner! She has a grown daughter also..and I have 5 other grandchildren! Grandmas are allowed to brag, so humor me!

Not to frighten anyone...but... I am a retired postal employee, and no, I don't carry a gun! I worked inside....and was I disgruntled? Well.......maybe sometimes!

So who is this little dog chasing? Could it be the mailcarrier? Well.. .not really, but if you need postal information, just click on the mail box.

Like most people, I have certain likes and dislikes. One thing I value significantly is honesty! It's very important to me. There's an old Jim Crowce (sp) song that has the words "I'd rather hurt you honestly than mislead you with a lie"....Well..I guess that's a philosophy of mine too!

I have become involved working on these pages and have found some fascinating things in my searches on the web...I guess I'm addicted to my computer.

Click on me for those of you who asked what a "61 year old golfing grandma" looks like.

Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

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