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         10th October, 1997

Dear Friends of the Hellenic Language and Culture School:

Homer used it to write the Iliad and Odyssey. Socrates taught using it.
Aristotle wrote his philosophical thoughts. Jesus knew it and spoke it. The
Apostles taught and wrote in it.  Today, it is still spoken and written by
more than twenty million people.  Most other languages borrow from it. It is
accurate and flexible.

And now it can become yours.

Lily Technology / LilyGreek announces the series "Modern Greek Language and
Culture." The series consists of multimedia units for the Kindergarten,
Elementary School, High School, and College.

The first title in the series "Modern Hellenic Language and Culture: For the
First Grade" is available for your evaluation and comments. You may download
it, free of charge for a limited time only, at our web site:
http://members.aol.com/LilyGreek.  We only ask that you review the program
and submit your comments telling us how we can better serve your needs.
You may order a set of diskettes for a small shipping and handling charge.
 In addition you may order the "Lessons of Modern Hellenic Language and
Culture: - For the First Grade. A Workbook."

Modern Hellenic Language and Culture: For the First Grade is a program
specifically tailored to the needs of children (and adults) who want to learn
Modern Greek.  It is set up in such a format that it makes learning fun and
easy by allowing you maximum flexibility to practice at your leisure by
utilizing pictures and sound.

One can follow the lessons by clicking on each individual sentence and
listening to the pronunciation by a native speaker of Greek.  This program
consists of : Introduction, Alphabet, Lessons, Topics, Arithmetic, and

This incredible interactive learning multimedia technique makes learning fun
and easy by allowing you maximum flexibility to practice at your leisure.
Itís compatible to use with an IBM personal computer that runs Windows 3.1,
Windows95 or above, a mouse and sound card. It may run in Macintosh computer
that runs Soft Windows 3.1, Soft Windows95 or above, and OS2 that runs
Windows 3.1 or above.

Please give us a try!  This FREE offer is good for a limited time only!

The Staff at Lily Technology. :-)

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