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I am the manager of Crystal Palace in the Mystify soccer game. Mystify is a fantasy football competition. If you're not involved with Mystify, the two important things to know about it are that it is free to play and that the guy who runs it, Wayne, does it as a hobby. That means there are no prizes; we all compete for fun. These pages are just meant to extend the fun.

This page contains a summary of the results for this season in the game (Season 18).

I have a pretty complete archive of results for Season 5, Season 6, Season 7, Season 8, Season 9, Season 10 Season 11, Season 12, Season 13, Season 14, Season 15, Season 16 and Season 17 as well. Of course Wayne also keeps an archive of results on the Mystify web site, so this probably all a little redundant, but anyway. Enjoy the fun.

In season 16, my run of seasons in the Premier Division came to a crashing halt, and I got relegated to the English Championship. The competition there was not quite so tough, and the lads regained a bit of confidence and some form. I finished second at the end of Season 17, and so I am now back in the Premier League.


Mystify uses the names of real clubs and real players, but real performances have nothing at all to do with performance in the game. Similarly any details given below relate to teams and players within the Mystify game and not to real people or entities who have the same names.

Season 18

League Fixtures

Crystal Palace is competing in the English Championship.

Week 1 Coventry City 4-1 Crystal Palace 15th
Week 2 Crystal Palace 3-1 Everton 8th
Week 3 Birmingham City 3-1 Crystal Palace 11th
Week 4 Crystal Palace 3-1 Cambridge United 7th
Week 5 Nottingham Forest 2-0 Crystal Palace 9th
Week 6 Crystal Palace 0-3 Manchester City 11th
Week 7 Oxford United 2-0 Crystal Palace 11th
Week 8 Crystal Palace vs Tottenham Hotspur
Week 9 Scunthorpe United vs Crystal Palace
Week 10 Crystal Palace vs Walsall
Week 11 Notts County vs Crystal Palace
Week 12 Crystal Palace vs Newcastle United
Week 13 Crystal Palace vs Bristol City
Week 14 Chelsea vs Crystal Palace
Week 15 Hull City vs Crystal Palace
Week 16 Crystal Palace vs Coventry City
Week 17 Everton vs Crystal Palace
Week 18 Crystal Palace vs Birmingham City
Week 19 Cambridge United vs Crystal Palace
Week 20 Crystal Palace vs nottingham Forest
Week 21 Manchester City vs Crystal Palace
Week 22 Crystal Palace vs Oxford United
Week 23 Tottenham Hotspur vs Crystal Palace
Week 24 Crystal Palace vs Scunthorpe United
Week 25 Walsall vs Crystal Palace
Week 26 Crystal Palace vs Notts County
Week 27 Newcastle United vs Crystal Palace
Week 28 Bristol City vs Crystal Palace
Week 29 Crystal Palace vs Chelsea
Week 30 Crystal Palace vs Hull City


Cup Fixtures

English Cup

Round 2 (Week 9) Milton Keynes Dons vs Crystal Palace


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